Imran Ashraf

After giving a phenomenal performance in Alif Allah Aur Insan and continuing to impress us in Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi, Imran Asharf will now be seen in a serious role. The much loved actor has proved that one can do wonders from the dint of their hard work and through conviction in their work.

The actor has paved his way in our hearts with his bewitching performances in both the dramas. The actor is currently been adored as Bhola.

The upcoming drama is titled, “Jaal”. Starring alongside Imran Ashraf is Sumbul Iqbal and Ali Kazmi. Hum Tv has recently dropped the teasers and the drama appears to be a love story. The antagonist will be Sumbul’s own sister as she probably is jealous and wants to steal her own sister’s happiness.

The teaser has been dropped with the caption, “Evil begins when you begin to treat your loved one recklessly!” It goes to show us that Sumbul’s character is in love with the leading man played by Imran Ashraf. For some reason he doubts her and is refusing to believe her. Looks like her sister had something to do with this!

The teasers are quite typical, however with such a talented star cast, hopefully the drama will have something more to offer! We can expect an emotional and powerful ride with seasoned actors such as Imran Ashraf and Sumbul Iqbal.

The drama will be airing on Hum Tv soon! Watch out for Jaal.


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