Adeel Chaudhry and Komal Aziz starrer Bharosa Pyar Tera is concluding tonight and drama really changed a lot of equations in terms of popularity. Despite being aired at 9pm slot and having 70+ episodes, Bharosa Pyar Tera is one of the most popular dramas ever to be aired at 9pm slot.

Exclusive: Adeel Chaudhry on the success of Bharosa Pyar Tera

Epk popularity chart started last year and its for the very first time that a 9pm slot drama entered in top five weekly chart. What amazes more is this that drama aired five days a week and yet the popularity of each Episode was more than most dramas went on air at 8 pm slot through out the week.

This totally tells how Bharosa Pyar Tera changed the equation of popularity of the dramas. Drama ends today and currently drama stands number 3 in weekly chart behind Yaariyan and Meray Pass Tum Ho. Now Yaariyan and Meray Pass Tum Ho are much bigger dramas in term of canvas and cast and they go on air once a week that too over the weekend.

Popular drama tonight: Yaariyan

The last episode of Bharosa Pyar Tera goes on air today and it can be a good possibility that the drama snatches the second spot from Meray Pass Tum Ho by the end of the week in the Epk weekly chart. Being in top 5 already makes it a huge achievement and if it beats the drama like Meray Pass Tum Ho then it will be a stupendous achievement for Bharosa Pyar Tera. The records drama is setting in popularity charts will probably stand for a very long time for any other 9pm slot drama to break.


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