EPK previously exposed two Indian film makers who appeared to be playing politics on the dead bodies of their soldiers. Following the Pulwama incident, Ajay Devgn announced that he will not be releasing his film Total Dhamaal in Pakistan.

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Later Luka Chuppi makers blatantly claimed that they have cancelled a contract with a Pakistani distributed while Epk exposed that the Luka Chuppi makers never really had a contract in Pakistan. Epk contacted all distributors who release Bollywood films in Pakistan and found out that Maddlock films have made a false statement to provoke India’s sentiments and gain sympathies for their film.

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Following suit, Tigmanshu Dhulia announced that he will not be releasing his hardly known film Milan Talkies in Pakistan.

He said, “No, it will not release in Pakistan. For two reasons. First, we stand in solidarity. Second, piracy originates from Pakistan. So, we should never release our films there, irrespective of any reasons.”

Comically, Tigmanshu’s film would have not released in Pakistan even if Pakistan and India were on good terms. The filmmaker passed the comment knowingly that no distributor in Pakistan was even interested in buying his film! He simply played a shallow tactic in order to appear nationalist and cash upon people’s sentiments. However, since we have already addressed that, lets move on to the second reason.

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Tigmanshu Dhulia said that Piracy begins from Pakistan. What is funny is that even though Total Dhamaal and Luka Chuppi never entered Pakistan, their pirated versions have hit the stores in Pakistan. So if the film was never here, where did the pirated versions come from? Tigmanshu, we would like you to answer!


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