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The last episode of ARY drama ‘Be-Dardi’ ended on the doctor entering and making it clear that Shafay’s (Affan Waheed) AIDS is not the result of some unreasonable activity, causing Bia (Aiman Khan) to forgive her husband and agree to go back to him.

The 22nd and 23rd episodes of the serial while show the trust between the husband and wife rekindling, also reveal many facts which not only appear as bitter for the characters in these episodes, but also create apprehensions for the coming episodes. It is in these episodes that while taking a walk with his mamoo (Behroze Sabzwari), Shafay comes across Bia’s doctor whom he had considered the person having illegitimate relations with his wife. The doctor makes it clear to Shafay that it was only for the discussion of the disease that he and Bia would meet and there was no relation between the two. On being told this, Shafay realizes his mistake of accusing his wife for being a disloyal woman, and rushes home to apologize. However, when he enters, he overhears his mother (Bushra Ansari) confessing all her wrong-doings before Bia and apologizing for them. On getting to know that his mother knew before long about his AIDS and that she deliberately got him married to Bia, Shafay decides to abandon his mother. Both the husband and wife then leave for Bia’s brother’s (Kashif Mehmood) house where they are again made to feel bad by Bia’s bhabi (Sana Fakhar) who openly makes the husband and wife realize that both of them are suffering from a fatal disease and will die in a few days. The episodes end on an even sadder note by Shafay being shown vomiting and spitting blood along, a symptom of the dangerous stage of AIDS and a warning of the imminent death.

There is nothing to be critically analysed in these episodes. It is only the actions and situations which keep moving the story forward that are to be brought under consideration. Sana Fakhar’s character, however, does develop into an example of the society’s attitude of repeatedly making people recall their bad-luck and blaming them for their helplessness.


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