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While Pakistani television has received some good horror dark themed dramas over the years, it is an area that is left unexplored for the most part. Most makers go for the tried and tested love story formula for a shortcut success and very few dare to be different.

Bandish girl Zubab Rana’s next drama Rishtay Biktay Hain to air soon!

One such drama that has ruled the audiences and has been the talk of the town is Big Bang Entertainment’s Bandish. The drama revolved around a troubled family that had black magic at the heart of all their problems.

The reason why Bandish stood out was its excellent portrayal of black magic and the effects of possession in form of the youngest daughter of the family Aleena. Hoorain’s acting was absolutely fantastic and she gave us the creeps. Every other character served a purpose and the actors essaying those roles did an excellent job be it the conniving sorceress Sumbal (Farah Shah) or the impressionable sisters Hania and Saniya (Zubab Rana and Hira Salmna) respectively, were are treat to watch.

Marina Khan and Hoorain in Bandish

The way that the drama has unraveled all secrets it must be said that Bandish has done a great job in knowing when to reveal different aspects managing to maintain the element of mystique and mystery in the drama itself .

The background score and the jump scares have been very thrilling and has kept us engaged! The credit goes to the director Aabis Raza for taking every scene with immense attention to detail.

As the last episode airs tonight, we look forward to seeing what happens in Madiha and her family’s life. Now that the truth about Sumbal is out will they get rid of the black magic and live a normal life?

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One thing is for sure, once again after its conclusion, Bandish will be leaving a void in the horror thriller genre, that will have to be filled by some other drama. Lets hope they can do just as well a job as Bandish or maybe even better.


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