Domestic abuse comes in many forms. It can be physical, as was depicted in Pakistani drama serial “Jackson Heights”, it can be subtle, as is being shown in the serial “Kaisi Aurat Hoon Mein” running currently, and it can also be highly toxic, affecting both your mental and physical health and draining all your energy by repeated negative statements and activities. This kind of abusive relationship is being shown in drama serial “Band Khirkiyan” which goes on air on HUM TV every Friday at 9:10. It has been written by Seema Munaf and directed by Asad Jabbal, casting Sara Khan and Agha Ali in the leading roles.

Despite her love marriage with Zain (Agha Ali), Saboohi (Sara Khan) is unhappy. Her sadness is the result of Zain’s illogical impositions on her, such as not being allowed to paint, not being allowed to hang out with her friends, not being allowed to meet and spend time with her parents and siblings and not being allowed to talk to any stranger, especially a male one. In cases of gatherings in which it becomes difficult to avoid strangers, Saboohi is either not taken by Zain, and if is taken, then is blamed for being over-frank with males.

Despite all of these impositions, what keeps Saboohi stay with Zain is the love which was the basis of this marriage. But Zain is a character who manipulates this love, which he knows exists in the hearts of both of them, and uses it to his advantage. After repeatedly doing such activities and making his wife feel bound and restrained, he makes her realize that he loves her a lot, cannot afford to lose her, and as her husband, has a right to tell her what to do and what not to do.

This trait of his reflects two aspects. One is of the egoistic and toxic love which is full of over-possessiveness to the extent that it starts smothering the other partner and does not provide her any space, and the other aspect is of the wrong perception of Pakistani males that as husbands, they can exercise any sort of control over their wives, no matter how illogical and baseless their demands and orders are. They become “Khuda” instead of “Mijaazi Khuda”.

“Band Khirkiyan” becomes a must-watch because of its theme, which presents the idea of relationships that can make you feel lifeless because once you get involved in such a relation, your passions aren’t given importance, your opinions aren’t respected and your contacts are cut-off. Hence, your freedom is curtailed in every possible manner, making you feel as if you are no more a human, for you cannot move, think or talk the way you like. This issue has seldom been discussed in our drama serials. “Band Khirkiyan” presents it in its most realistic form.

The latest episode of the serial ended on a positive note; Saboohi finally deciding that she is not to make her love her weakness and bear Zain’s atrocities. She has stopped talking to him and is all ready to abandon him. We are to see if she executes this plan of hers in the next episode or not.


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