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Written by: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Produced by: Big bang entertainment

Directed by: Nadar Mehmood

My eyes are sweating, are yours too? The drama is getting way too tense as it proceeds and it always leaves our heart racing like crazy. Taya Abu (Sajid Hassan) finally succeeded in getting Batool (Mehar Bano) married to Junaid (Asad Siddique).



Nighaar(Ushnah Shah) always comes up with an evil plan, leaving us awestruck and ruining every chance of happiness for the poor family. She planned with Dr. Hamza’s mother to tell Hamza that she’s going to ask Batool’s hand in marriage, but instead to come and ridicule the family as much as she can. The plan works out and Taimur vows to never get Batool married to Hamza. Later, he gets Batool married to Junaid and boy, are we questioning Taimur’s love for his sister.



This episode was an eye opener for people that make haste in getting their daughters married especially after they get rejected. Unfortunately, these poor women end up getting married to the worst of mankind and the families lament for the rest of their lives.

Strong dialogues of this drama are meant to move you and make an impact on your life. Some people may call this drama depressing, but the truth is that it shows the ugly side of our society and people like Nighaar, maybe not exactly as evil, but they are often found around us.



However, in behind the scenes Ushnah Shah shared how selfish Nighaar’s character is and how she has never seen such a character in her life. Nighaar wants everything for herself love, attention everything.

Asad Siddique told ARY in an interview that Junaid’s character is not exactly evil, but there’s a conflict within himself and he is constantly fighting with himself. So, does that make him the bad guy? Is his behavior with Batool justified? Are his drinking habits justified? We have yet to find out.

Coming back to Batool, please tell us are you as scared for her as we are? What do you think her future holds? Tell us in the comments!




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