Bilal Abbas is one of the actors who are capable of seeking attention not from their looks but also by their great acting skills. From his performance in ‘Rasm e Duniya’ to ‘O Rangreza’ we can observe dynamic transition in his popularity. Now he is appearing in Badur Mehmood’s ‘Balaa’ in which his character is quite different from his other characters. Taimoor is a responsible son and brother, who fell in love with a girl who loves an other guy and that thing transformed him into ruthless man. Previously his characters like Qasim and Jamal portrayed him as a pretty boy but now in ‘Balaa’ we will be able to see him as a callous guy.

After 3rd double episode, drama has successfully secured a place in the list of dramas that are based on peculiar story-line. Bilal is playing the character of Taimoor in ‘Balaa’, which seems to be avant-grade in his career of acting. “I have never done a character like Taimoor in any drama, it’s a very different character. For the first time I preferred to do a completely different role in this drama. In my opinion as an actor you should explore all your shades while essaying different types of role” said Bilal while speaking to EPK.


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We asked him that what challenges you faced for this role? He replied “I do very less work but when I decide to do a role, I work hard for giving my best and try to understand the nature of the role. So whenever you work in this way you would not face challenges”. His reply vividly showed his dedication towards his job. In the end we want to know that why he chose ‘Balaa’ as there must be some other offers, so what made him to go for this one? He added “It’s a story of revenge, jealousy, insecurity and it highlights that how someone’s negativity can directly destroy the life of others. I considered it a mainstream story that has been executed in a unique way. All characters have different shades in this story. So, all these attributes made me to do this project”. Well, after watching ‘Balaa’ it would be interesting to note that how your negativity of inside can be menacing for others.

We wish Good Luck to Bilal for his current project and hope he would get an appreciable response again from the audience.




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