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“Balaa” is an ARY serial written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Badar Mehmood (the director of “Aisi Hai Tanhai”). “Balaa” stars Bilal Abbas Khan and Ushna Shah in the leading roles alongside Sajid Hassan, Ismat Zaidi, Asad Siddique, Samina Peerzada and many others.

The latest double episode had a lot of events in it. Saba’s engagement continues to grow strong with Taimoor (Bilal Abbas Khan), making her mother, khaala and her daughters extremely happy. Saba is asked by her mother (Ismat Zaidi) to cut off her contact with her beloved and never to think about him again. On the other hand, Nigar (Ushna Shah) is found bent upon manipulating her Bhabi, Zeba by asking her for favours first, then hurting her and acting as very sympathetic before her father (Sajid Hassan) and her brother, Junaid (Asad Siddique), causing both of them to think that Nigar is very loving and caring but it is Zeba who doesn’t deserve sympathies and love. The interesting yet painful incident was the one in which Nigar deliberately throws hot soup on Zeba’s feet, resulting in the latter’s crippled walk just like Nigar’s own. Nigar further creates problems for Zeba by involving a man and getting him to send Zeba indecent messages and make prank calls, inclining Junaid to mistrust Zeba to the extent of slapping her on the face. The probable reason behind this seems to be the idea of getting Zeba and Junaid divorced because this was the condition put before her for getting married to her cousin, Taimoor.

While the person involved in ruining Zeba’s life has not been revealed yet, the silhouette shown suggests that it is Saba’s beloved whom Nigar saw in the mall. She might have convinced him to do this so that Taimoor may get married to Nigar and the guy be able to gain Saba finally. The episode ended on Taimoor’s mother taking all her children to Zafar’s place in order to convince him to attend the Mayon of Taimoor and Saba. This she does against the will of her children and receives nothing in return from Zafar but repetitive verbal abuse. However, when Zafar says that no one from his house will be allowed to attend the function, Nigar makes her entry and agrees to attend the function to her father’s surprise.

Since we know now that Nigar is a clever and manipulative girl, we are curious to see what chaos she will create at the function, for we know that her real target is Taimoor and not her chachi’s respect. The other thing to be disclosed is what will happen to Zeba and to what extent will Junaid go in mistrusting her. Will Nigar be able to successfully carry out all her plans or will they backfire?

“Balaa” is a rich serial with interesting and dynamic characters who seem very realistic. The events as conceived by the writer, as executed by the director and as performed by the actors especially Ushna Shah keep the audience hooked to the screen. It is pleasant to see some of the actors playing roles completely different from the ones they are usually found playing.


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