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Directed by: Badar Mehmood
Written by: Zanjabeel Asim Shah
Produced by: Big Bang Entertainment

Taimoor (Bilal Abbas) behaves rudely to his sister in front of Nigar’s (Ushna Shah) family when she comes home late after college. Junaid (Asad Siddiqui) asks his father about why he created all that drama at Taimoor’s place.

The episodes are now turning depressive with the time. Mother-son relationship and brother-sisters relationship are getting affected with every evil step of Nigar. It’s giving the touch of Indian dramas more as Taimoor has changed his heart for his mother as well as sisters and Nigar is winning in all the planning.

Taimoor apologizes to his sister for behaving that way. Batool (Mehar Bano) tells her sister about his lover and Nigar listens to all.

The romantic background song behind the scenes of Taimoor and Nigar are not giving any sense because viewers already know about Nigar and therefore, such combination is not giving any better feelings towards the couple, in fact, it would be causing more hatred towards them.

Taimoor gives monthly expense to Nigar to handover to mother when she wakes up and pocket-money of his sisters to them.

Nigar goes to Shama (Samina Peerzada) and starts talking about how she wants to run home budgets and all. That scene is strong with Samina Peerzada’s acting as well as useless with Ushna’s acting at the same time. Ushna is not acting mature in the drama.

Nigar slips some money out of the expense envelope; literally, heart drenched over another depression coming in drama.

Nigar takes Shama to monthly checkup and there talks to doctor about bringing Btaool’s proposal. Nigar goes for grocery with Shama and takes every bad quality thing. Shama asks everyone about misplacing of money. Nigar taunts and asks to not handle expenses anymore. Shama tries to give responsibility to Nigar but Taimoor stops her.

Now, another flaw, Nigar calls her father and tells that she is being blamed for theft and that she wants to go. There, Taimoor warns her that he will not bring her back if she goes. Even when Nigar was creating drama, Taimoor had been asking her to talk later. How not he reacting properly the way she is insulting his family.

The drama ended on a pathetic note, seriously! The door of Shama’s room is open when he was going to the office, he recalls all the bad things said by Nigar about his mother to create misunderstanding. He responds rudely to her and leaves for office.

Taimoor may get totally upset with the family and believe Nigar on whatever she says. This situation will affect the family badly.


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