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Writer: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Director: Badar Mehmood

Production House: Big Bang Entertainment

The latest episode of “Balaa” marked the engagement of Taimoor (Bilal Abbas) and Nigar (Ushna Shah). Two months after Zeba’s death, Zafar (Sajid Hassan) visits Taimoor’s place and asks his mother (Samina Peerzada) to wed Nigar and Taimoor. He also expresses a desire to wed Batool (Mehr Bano) and Junaid (Asad Siddique) but that case is put to rest by Taimoor and his family when they find him drunken while sitting at Zafar’s place and also because as a result of his firing, he is arrested by the police. This damages his repute and Taimoor promises not to wed his sister to a drunkard to the happiness of Batool who was already against marrying Junaid. Nigar continues to impress Taimoor by her romantic dialogues and by presenting a very doting image of herself, winning his love eventually. However, the episode ended on Taimoor asking Nigar if she loves him enough to side with him in the decision of not marrying Batool to Junaid.

The interesting thing about this episode was that it established an importance of Batool’s character. We had not expected it to be such an important character, considering its few scenes in the previous episodes, but Zeba’s place has actually been filled by Batool in the  square having Taimoor, Nigar and Junaid in the rest of the three corners. Understanding the significance of her role, Mehr Bano did a wonderful job in playing a talkative and jolly girl who is bold but being the youngest, needs support from her family members, for she is adamant on not marrying Junaid, but shows extreme happiness on Taimoor’s support. The actress playing Saaleha also did an amazing job, and through repeated furtive glances depicting sadness, told that even her character is not a happy-go-lucky one and has had its share of sorrows. Secondly, people’s unconsciously uttered statements regarding marriages, middle age and loss of love keep disturbing her.

The script of “Balaa” continues to prove its strength, for even in the latest episode, there was only one major event and the rest of the episode was based on the scenes of Batool and Junaid’s issue. But it was through strong dialogues, interesting situations (some comic as well) and the perfect choice of Mehr Bano as the actress that the episode became a highly interesting watch. From our “Aisi Hai Tanhai” experience, we now trust Badar Mehmood with prolonged scenes and mundane situations, for he is best at making them worth watchable by his flawless direction.

A few scenes such as those between Nigar and Taimoor seemed boring but one cannot call them unnecessary, for it was through such scenes that the nastiness of Nigar’s character was being stamped and the dynamics in Taimoor’s character was being revealed. Secondly, the soft OST, as always, plays an important role in making some scenes bearable.

What we are to see in the coming episode is what Nigar will do in reaction to Taimoor’s statement. She already wants her brother to die and thinks that he creates hurdles in every matter of hers. Now that he has entered her love life as well, will she remain normal?


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