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Writer: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Director: Badar Mehmood

Producer: Big Bang Entertainment

The latest double episode of “Balaa” had some interesting incidents to show in the initial scenes, such as the running away of Saba resulting in her mother’s death and also the mysterious death of Zeba in the bathroom, not revealed yet as suicide or another planned action by Nigar and her father, Zafar. What followed next was nothing but the resulting depression of Taimoor due to his wife’s abandonment on the wedding night, and also that of Junaid because of Zeba’s death. All the ensuing scenes were somewhat slow and had nothing much to show except for both the guys’ deteriorating mental health, for Taimoor grows quiet and secludes himself, stating that he won’t get married now, and Junaid gets indulged in drinking and the usage of weapons, creating terror in his residential area. The ending scenes then showed two major decisions, one made by Zafar to marry Nigar to Taimoor and one of Taimoor’s sisters to Junaid, for which he also convinces Junaid, and the other made by Taimoor’s mother to marry him to Nigar, which was more of a suggestion and less of an imposition. But the fact that parents from both the sides agree to it suggests that this marriage might take place.

As discussed earlier, a large portion of the latest episode was dragged because it did not have anything substantial to show except for the depression, for which too many scenes had been incorporated. Still, they were bearable because of a fine direction and professional editing and the OST in the background which is soothing and does not sound annoying. Asad Siddique turned out to be amazing in the role of a depressed drunkard and his acting was something most admirable in the episode. Zeba’s death seems to have left a vacuum, for it was an innocent character which made the viewers sympathize with it. The actress’s performance was also well done, resulting in a strong sad impact of her death.

What we realized from this story is that both Taimoor and Junaid were ardent lovers, but neither of them ever tried to understand what their beloveds thought or tried to say. The one-sided efforts resulted in complete destruction.

What we are to see in the coming episodes is if Nigar and Taimoor’s marriage will take place and if it does, will Nigar grow normal or will she continue with her evil actions? When and how will Junaid get to know about the ridiculous strategies of his father and sister?


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