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Written by: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Produced by: Big bang entertainment

Directed by: Nadar Mehmood

We are heartbroken tonight. This couplet of episodes left us with a big hole in our hearts. Batool (Mehar Bano) embraces death by the hands of her insecure husband, Junaid(Asad Siddique).



Junaid is an incredibly villainous, mistrustful and insecure husband to Batool and Asad Siddiquie has portrayed his character really well. After Zeba’s death, Junaid’s second wife has passed away as well. Zeba was his first wife, who died because of brain hemorrhage. Poor Zeba was caught with an unknown man in her bedroom who was placed there by Nigar(Ushna Shah) and Taya abu (Sajid Hassan). This caused her extreme stress which lead to her death.

Junaid then started drinking, and became insecure. He could never trust Batool and shoots her by the pool because in his drunken state, he thinks that it’s Zeba standing there and not Batool.



The pool scene was wonderfully shot. The lighting was incredible and it gave the scene the dark effect that was required. The timing and acting of the two actors, Mehar Bano and Asad Siddique was marvelous. The scene overall had us biting our nails. This scene was the highlight of tonight’s episode and it was very well executed.

However, we are still mourning the loss of our beloved Batool. The ever lively, chirpy Batool is no more and we won’t get to see her in the drama anymore. Mehar Bano did justice to her role and no one could’ve pulled it off better than her.



What did you think of today’s episode? Do you think Shama(Samina Peerzada) will be able to bear the loss? Tell us in the comments!


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