Critic Rating

Written by: Zanjabeel aslam shah

Produced by: Fahad mustafa, Dr. Ali kazmi

Directed by: Badar mehmood


Bala has left its mark on its audience from the very beginning. The character of nigaar is a true depiction of evil. A character who is beyond redemption and even after doing so many bad deeds doesn’t feel bad about them. The episode starts where Asad siddiqui (Junaid) is sitting under shower with his clothes on, repenting what he did. He gets flashbacks of his dead wives now and then. His father is really worried about him. Nigaar on the other hand is pregnant and has left the house after a fight with her husband.



We see nigaar in the hospital for a regular checkup where the doctor asks her about saleha and how is she feeling. Nigaar (Ushnah) hesitates because she has planned not to tell anyone about her cancer. And is planning to do something more evil.

Nigaar’s mother-in-law (samina peerzada) is sitting with her daughter’s would be mother-in-law and is telling her about her problems. She is worn out with grief after her daughter’s death and is now sad about nigaar and her son’s relation.



Saleha on the other hand is not feeling well but also is very excited about her marriage.

(Sameena peerzada) taimoor’s mother brings nigaar back going against his son’s will because she thinks her children are suffering because of her misfortune. She thinks it’s the curse of her fate. Taimoor is an understanding son and gets emotional after talking with his mother.

The next day we see that Saleha is getting married and it’s her mehandi. Everyone is happy. But no one knows what is to come. She suddenly faints in the mid of the function and is taken to hospital where doctor informs her family about her cancer. This scene is a perfect example of brilliant direction by badar mehmood, how a happy mehndi function is turned into chaos.

Ushna Shah has played the role of nigaar perfectly. She is a mature actress and is certainly doing this kind of a role for the first time. And has achieved much applause from the audience.

The lighting is dark according to the nature and setting of the story. We see how the house is dimly lit and everyone is sad about nigaar’s behaviour. Lets see what happens next and what balaa has in it for its audience.



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