5 Reasons Why Asfand Makes Baba Jani A Must Watch!

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“Baba Jani” is a GEO TV serial written by Faiza Iftikhar (writer of the popular serial, “Aangan” aired on ARY Digital), directed by Ali Faizan and produced by Faisal Qureshi himself.

The 2nd episode of this serial was quite sad, since it showed the breaking of a years’ long relation: the one between Asfand (Faisal Qureshi) and Mehwish (Faryal Mehmood). The break-up results from the insults which Asfand’s sisters hurl at Mehwish and her khala. Both Najiba (Saba Hameed) and Naila (Jinaan Hussain) visit their Khala’s house, first thinking that their khala is dying to wed her daughter to Asfand now, while her only concern is that it has been many years since they were engaged. While at her house, both the sisters repeatedly insult their khala and Mehwish, saying that they are desperate women who want to snatch away Asfand from his sisters and also that Mehwish is not a young girl anymore so she just has to wait for Asfand without thinking about other matches. On this, both the mother and daughter ask Najiba and Naila to leave, the latter two moulding the story in their favour by telling Asfand that they are the ones who have been insulted and also that Mehwish is now after some other rich man due to which she is finding ways to end her relation with Asfand.

Asfand, however, turns out to be an intelligent man who does not blindly believe them but holds a meeting with Mehwish to clear things out. While he wishes that the matter be solved by khala and Mehwish demanding forgiveness from Najiba, Mehwish shows firmness and does not agree to that, resulting in their break-up, and unfortunately, causing Asfand to believe that Mehwish is after some wealthy man.

It was quite sad to see both the lovers parting, for neither of them was at fault but it all happened due to Asfand’s sisters. While the drama serial possesses a uniqueness owing to its male-centric topic which makes it an interesting watch, a balance has also been created by presenting Mehwish as a strong opponent who is not ready to comply and demand forgiveness from someone who has wronged her and her mother.

The acting of all the actors was well done. What keeps us curious for the coming episodes is that when and how will Asfand get to know his sisters’ tactics and when will the viewers get to know the real reason behind Asfand’s sisters’ indifference towards his marriage. While both of them are married and financially dependent on their husbands, what makes them want to keep their brother unmarried?


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