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Written by: Faiza Iftikhar

Directed by: Ali Faizan Anchan

Produced by: Faisal Qureshi


Sadia’s health issues finally catch up to her in this episode of Baba Jani as she ends up hospitalized all of a sudden. Asfand and Nimra rush her over to the hospital and Asfand does everything in his ability to get the best doctors. However, all of his endeavors come to naught when Sadia ends up finally passing away. The episode ends with Sadia’s funeral and Nimra breaking down at the news of her mother’s death.

After last episode’s happy turnout of Nimra and Asfand finally bonding as a father and daughter, this episode created a sharp juxtaposition with its heavy emotional turn. Before she is taken to the hospital, Sadia opens up to Asfand and reveals to him that she fears she has been nothing but a burden on him. It is a short yet sweet moment between the two, but is jarringly interrupted by Sadia fainting. In the hospital as well, Asfand tells Sadia how much she means to him and how he is willing to give up all his wealth for her and Nimra’s sake. The monologue is extremely touching, and the flashback sequence that cuts right before Sadia dying is also extremely effective in tugging the heartstrings.

Madiha Imam, who plays Nimra, brilliantly depicts the grief experienced by a daughter upon losing her mother. The scene of her discovering the news of the death and her subsequent stages of grief are so well played out that it reflects the anguish she feels. Despite being a young actress, she does a superb job in living up to her potential. Madiha’s acting throughout is convincing. She has undoubtedly proved to be a diverse and talented actor.



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Najiba’s character reaches to a new height of despicability specially after the death of Sadia. After moaning about how much she hates Sadia, Najiba makes a sudden change after hearing the news by offering fake sympathy. But it is not that shocking to see, since this is how many in our society behave. The sudden change to a righteous attitude after the death of someone is not a new thing, and Najiba gossiping in the middle of a funeral is again as detestable an act as one has come to expect from this character. It is not just the way she is written; there is no fundamental reason for Najiba’s behavior, making her hollow and meaningless.



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Sadia’s loss dismays Asfand and Nimra, and it will be interesting to see how these two deal with this major loss. Of course, this will have a major impact on their relationship as well, seeing how much they had advanced in the past episodes. It seems that the most gripping part of the drama now, is the father-daughter relation of Asfand and Nimra.

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