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Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Director: Ali Faizan

Producer: Connect Studios

The third episode of “Baba Jani” introduced us to two new characters; Sadia (Savera Nadeem) and Nimra (Madeeha Imam), the mother and daughter who make their way into Asfand’s (Faisal Qureshi) life with the help of Nasir (Tipu Sharif) and Rakhshanda (Maria Khan). Both of them realize and feel for Asfand’s loneliness when Mehwish (Faryal Mehmood) is finally married off to some other man and introduce him to Sadia, a widow who remains ill and in fear that she might die leaving her daughter to the mercy of a cruel world, resulting in her continuous search for a good match. Asfand, however, once again proves himself as a wise man and not a desperate person who will go after every girl. He realizes that Nimra is too young for her and deserves a better husband, consequently refusing her but being inclined to rethink about it when Nasir explains the whole scenario of Sadia’s condition to him in the end of the episode.

While “Baba Jani” has been flawlessly directed, there are some scenes which need to be discussed, for they were intelligently executed. The scene in which Asfand is handed over Mehwish’s wedding card and is looking at it was not only sad due to its content, but also seemed one with its look. Dim lights, mostly dark-blue coloured were used which created quite a depressing aura. The other fine scene was the one in which Asfand imagines Nabeela’s face in Nimra’s face. This scene used no dialogues and through this editing only, told what was going on in Asfand’s mind. The third good scene was the one in which the shadow of Nimra’s hands making shapes was shown, once again indirectly referring towards her innocence and young age without using any extra dialogues.  Asfand’s depression was also finely presented with scenes of loneliness and a sad OST in the background.

The performance of all the actors was well-done, Faisal Qureshi and Saba Hameed being excellent. Saba Hameed as Najeeba is doing her role of a cleverly greedy woman in a very fine manner, also subtly revealing to us why her character does not want that of Asfand to get married, for Najeeba uses her brother’s money for her own needs and does not want him to share the financial burden of anyone else. Maria Khan’s acting in the scene when she is telling Asfand about Sadia seemed a bit robotic. There was only a delivery of dialogues but no feel and expressions. With Maria Khan doing extremely well in “Meri Guriya”, we keep our hopes high with her now.

Alongwith two new entries, this episode revealed Naila’s (Jinaan Hussain) reservation in doing her brother’s chores, Najeeba’s lust for her brother’s money and Khala’s sincerity to Asfand, making the serial rich, interesting and one with an element of curiosity to it, especially with regard to Asfand’s decision about Saadia and Nimra which is yet to be taken.


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