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Produced by: Connect Studios

Written by: Faiza Iftekhar

Directed by: Ali Faizan

Asfand (Faysal Qureshi) has got the idea of that Saqib (Amir Qureshi) has an evil eye on Nimra (Madiha Imam) and what he is up to. He is playing the role of a real father, not a step one. He has clearly told Nimra that she can complain about any of the misbehave with her going on in the home. That is one of the strongest points of his character and personality.

Nimra has told her mother (Sawera Nadeem) about the harassing behavior of Saqib with her. She should tell this to Asfand as well because staying silent will be harmful only. Nip the evil in the bud, simple is that. Sadia has not yet done anything for Nimra. She is still scared of Naila (Jinaan Hussain) and Saqib. And why not, her position is at stake as a mother and wife. Naila proved to be very cunning as she told Sadia about Mehwish (Faryal Mehmood). Close-ups to register the expressions of both Sadia and Naila were good in that scene.

Now both Asfand and Sadia are upset due to Mehwish but for very different reasons. Sadia must trust Asfand in all the things, whether it is the matter of protection of Nimra or of Mehwish.

Nabeela (Adila Khan) may also come back to Pakistan as she is going to be a mother very soon. Najiba apa (Saba Hameed) is not happy with the stay of Nimra and Saqib at the place of Asfand. On the other side, Naila is totally insecure due to the possible arrival of Nabeela to Pakistan. Saqib also wants to not do anything on his own. All of his basic necessities are being fulfilled by Asfand so he is enjoying a care-free life, without any responsibilities. Alongside, he also taunts Asfand that no one is there to take care of him at the home of Asfand. Saqib is an irresponsible person and wants everything readymade. Though it is very shameful to fall back on the brother of wife, people like him never mind these things.

Director Ali Faizan, first of all, has chosen a very good subject for the small screen story. Furthermore, he has shown a very positive male character which is really very rare in a society like ours. That way, he is giving us a very powerful and constructive message.

All the characters are battling with their conflicts. The pace of the story is good without any slowness. Changes are coming quickly. However, a soft romantic scene between Asfand and Sadia was missing in this episode. Now a new thing is added to the story that Asfand is pretty disturbed after knowing the actual circumstances of Mehwish. If he goes to help her, it would be a turn leading the story to a new level of drama. This is such a complicated matter that he can’t share with anyone. Let’s see what he can do for her.



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