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Produced by: Connect Studios (Faisal Qureshi)

Written by: Faiza Iftekhar

Directed by: Ali Faizan

Problems are getting more forceful for Asfand (Faysal Qureshi). The non-acceptance of Sadia (Sawera Nadeem) and Nimra (Madiha Imam) was already there. A new addition to this is the objection by Naila (Jinaan Hussain) why Nimra has kept the photo of her late father. Also, she did a useless debate with Sadia on removing an old wall clock of the times of her late mother. Naila created a pretty great issue of petty things which was not an arguable one. Asfand made her silent by firmly taking the side of Nimra. Moreover, the marital dispute between Naila and Saqib (Amir Qureshi) is a new tension for the family.

After the absence of a few episodes, we saw Nabeela (Adila Khan) this time. But she too is under the influence of her elder sisters. As she has not attended the marriage ceremony of Asfand so doesn’t know what are the circumstances going on. Sorrowfully, all the sisters have no awareness of the level of greatness and character of Asfand. They have no regard at all for the positivity of him. Asfand is fighting on multiple fronts and dealing with different issues at the same time. Yet, he is trying his best to fight hard and win on all frontages. He never looks exhausted and fed up, though, facing many tensions from his sisters.

In each of the episodes, we see at least one scene which is relaxing not only for Asfand and Sadia but also for the viewers. The best scene of this episode was when he tells Sadia whatever he is doing, it’s his duty. The best dialogue was by Sadia:

“Aap meri zindagi main jugnoo ban kar aaye hain. Aisa lagta hay kay aap koi jadoo ki chari ghumayen gay or saari khwahishat poori ho jayen gi.”

This dialogue rightfully defines the character and personality of Asfand. A very delightful and pleasing thing in the scene was the OST of Baba Jaani played on the sitar. Unfortunately, the traditional instruments like sitar, piano, and flute have almost disappeared from our background music of dramas. That soft musical piece of sitar reminds us of the old and golden times of our drama.

Faysal Qureshi is the megastar of our TV industry. He gives a 100% of his performance whatever character he has to play. Saba Hameed and Sawera Nadeem are also fit into their roles. Ali Zeeshan has done a brilliant job as the caption of the ship. So far, all the episodes are running with fast pace and story is advancing with each episode.

Saqib has an evil eye on Nimra but he has no idea what would be the result of it. Things are going to become more problematic both for Sadia and Nimra.


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