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Production House: Connect Studios

Written by: Faiza Iftekhar

Directed by: Ali Faizan

This episode has given us the clue that marriage with Sadia (Sawera Nadeem) has started showing its effects on the life of Asfand (Faysal Qureshi). The politics being played by the husband of Naila (Amir Qureshi) has only the intention of winning the heart of Asfand. As he is a factory owner, so his brother-in-law will never want to stay away from him for a long time. But Naila (Jinaan Hussain) is more than shocked to see Sadia and especially Nimra. She is never going to accept this marriage, that is for sure.

On the other hand, Najiba apa (Saba Hameed) has the misunderstanding that Fareeda khala (Afshan Qureshi) has played an important role in this marriage. She wanted to have a submissive, simple, and poor girl as bhabi who can be suppressed easily. Now her plans are totally failed due to the bold step by Asfand. This thing is quite indigestible for Najiba. This is the mentality of our mothers and sisters who want to bring a girl for ruling over her, not a life partner for their son or brother.

Tonight’s episode was of a normal tempo and advancement. But the stage is pretty set for the upcoming events for Asfand. First of all, the health of Sadia is not in a good shape. She needs medical care shortly. Secondly, Nimra (Madiha Imam) is finding it very hard to accept Asfand as his father. Thirdly, he has to win the hearts of his three sisters especially Najiba apa and Naila. Forth and very important, Mehwish (Faryal Mehmood) has still grievances against him. Not only because she wanted to marry him, but also for the reason that Fareeda khala has become hospitalized, due to the tensions given by Najiba apa. Mehwish still has feelings for Asfand and this very thing might be problematic for him to a great extent. These four are the immediate challenges to be faced by him.

Asfand is all happy and contented with Sadia. Both are now getting close. Seeing them smiling at each other was delightful. He has treated Sadia very sensibly, knowing very well that she is a widow who has spent a long part of the life with her ex-husband. However, the behavior of Sadia with Nimra was a bit cold. As a mother, she must give time and space to Nimra for adjusting her to such a huge change in life.

Ali Faizan is so far going great as the director. Faiza Iftekhar has shown us the harsh realities and behaviors of the society. Acting is matchless by Faisal Qureshi, Sawera Nadeem, Saba Hameed, Madiha Imam, and others. No unnecessary camera movements were there. By now, we have seen the reactions of Najiba and Naila but of Nabeela is yet to be seen. Can we expect a better and soft reaction from her on the marriage of Asfand? Things are going to be tough for Sadia and Nimra in coming episodes.



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