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Produced by: Connect Studios

Written by: Faiza Iftikhar

Directed by: Ali Faizan

We have seen another fast-paced episode of Baba Jaani. The annoyance of sisters, double-mindedness of Asfand, convincing of Sadia and Nimra for this marriage – the episode gave us a great dose of changing events. From the start of discussing the marriage of Asfand to the completion of nikah with Sadia, things were changing pretty speedily.

The characters surrounding Asfand including Sadia and Nimra also gave their contrasting opinions on the matter of second marriage of the widow. Sadia got finally convinced to marry Asfand, however, Nimra had to go through very tough time for accepting Asfand as her new father. If Asfand takes the courage of keeping his words and staying firm on his logical stance, then the story of Baba Jaani is going to put a huge impact on TV viewers.

Actors are doing justice with their characters. Not only Saba Hameed, Faisal Qureshi, and Sawaira Nadeem but also others have made their presence felt, especially Nimra.

The writer has dealt brilliantly with the story, screenplay, and characterization. These are the real faces of our society. Sisters of Asfand are rigid and surely are going to give him a tough time. Locations are also real and depict the lifestyle and respective class of the characters. The director has given good attention to production value. We see embroidery machines working in the factory of Asfand. Lighting is also good in the episode except for a few shots with clear shadows. Inter-cutting between the parallel situations also created good suspense. In continuity, one thing was questionable – we saw a red bridal dress purchased by Asfand for Sadia but in the nikah ceremony, she was dressed in a different dress.

The episode ended on a suspense note. Asfand waited for the sisters to come to the nikah ceremony by the last moment but none of them comes. It was quite evident so expecting them was just a fake consolation. Rather, he must expect more of their infuriation and wrath. Asfand has taken a pretty daring step against the common norms of society so he should be ready to face the consequences.

After the nikah of Sadia with Asfand, we can rightly hope that many of the sufferings and pains of both the mother and daughter are going to be eliminated. However, they both must also be ready to face their maternal and paternal relatives. They were not at all supportive for them in the hour of need but after the nikah of Sadia with a well-established handsome man, they will surely come to rebuke them. Because our society does not accept the marriage of a widow, rather if she has a young daughter. Also, how Nimra is going to accept Asfand as her new father, it is yet to be seen.


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