Friday is one of those days where we are short of good quality content in terms of dramas. While Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt starrer Baandi has had our interest, the drama seems to be prolonging for no good reason.

Justice Being Served To The Oppressors in Baandi

The tables have been turned,the truth is out, Wali knows the real culprits are his parents, Tahawar is in jail, yet the drama continues. The story pretty much tied up a loose ends, one has to wonder what is left in the serial that the makers are prolonging it still.

We expected tonight’s episode to be the last but it isn’t! The drama will be airing its 30th episode yet there seem to be something left that they need to show.

Kaisa Hai Naseeban Makes An All Time Rating Record

The upcoming episode promo showed that the police finally captured Faiza Begum, Meeru is still in the hospital but is fortunately recovering. Wali and Meeru do share some adorable moments which are pretty much the only interesting aspect of the drama left.

Aiman Khan as Meeru

Wali’s father is furious at him for arresting his own mother. Wali’s sister has found out the truth about her mother, and her ex husband is hell bent on seeking revenge from her in some way or the other.

So the only question remains if Faiza will manage to conspire from the jail and mess things up from inside?


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