Critic Rating

Producer: Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions

Directed by: Syed Ahmed Kamran

Written by: Asma Nabeel


In previous episodes we saw affection develop between Wali and Meeru and it started growing into something we may call Love, but class boundaries and several other matters stands in the way. This episodes starts with the same conversation happening between Wali and Meeru which brings us an account of their mellow closeness and understanding as Wali seems to understand the reason of Meeru’s gloom and confesses his love for her. Meeru is very conscious of their class difference which reflects in the dialogue which is symbolic and very deep in nature, ‘Mat kiya Karen aisi baten, men zameen ki matti hun or aap asmaan ka badal. Saaf Shafaf or humara koi jorr nhin he’ which is followed by some other meaningful dialogues by Wali.



Faiza keeps on being a hypocrite, she manipulates Wali into believing her that she didn’t beat Meeru. On the other hand, Rameen’s state stays miserable because of her abusive husband who is jealous and he projects his trust issues on her. This sheds light on the issue of the poisonous relations in the institute of marriage. Rameen performs the mental, physical and emotional labor in the marriage and he just tortures her all the time. It reflects a larger reality of the society as a lot of marriages in our society hold the same situation and no one does anything about it.

Meeru furthers rejects any moves made by Wali as she has understood that she does not deserve her because of her lower social status and Wali’s stature in class, beauty and wealth. She is in an inferiority complex endorsed by Faiza and her upbringing, Babu Bhai’s thought provoking dialogues pierce our heart as he says, ‘Kon kis qabil he ye tou upar wala hi janta he, is ka faisla hum nhin kar sakte beta’



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Tahwar continues his search for Raju and his family, he gives us a perfect portrayal of a feudal landlord when he utters this dialogue, ‘Baba Gaon men zulm itna barha do ke jis kisi ke dil se Tahwar ka khof nikal gaya he wo wapis a jaye’ Yasir Hussain’s acting remains matchless in this scene as it reaches the height of brilliance in this very serial.

The episode in itself was very static and the crisis and conflicts have not started. We are going to stick to it for next couple of weeks to find out whether it will reach to its climax or there is more waiting.



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