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Producer: Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions

Directed by: Syed Ahmed Kamran

Written by: Asma Nabeel

Aired on: HUM TV

Drama serial Baandi has become one of the most popular prime time serials in Pakistan, completing its 11th episode on air while the main characters Aimen Khan and Muneeb Butt are getting married in real life, it becomes the main attraction because of its catching storyline and ever-evolving characters.



The main plot of the serial revolves around the toxicity of slave culture in rural areas of Pakistan and with contrast of showing the plight people are facing due to feudal lords in the rural areas. It also shows the white collar criminals in the cities as well. In the previous episodes, we witnessed that the growing intimacy between Wali and Meeru turns to a caring regard, this episode starts in the same tone and we see that Wali decides to teach Meeru and it makes both of them happy, leaving a warm, happy vibe in the turmoil of sentiments and cruelty. Bakhtu realizes the intimacy between them and warns Meeru saying, “Ye sab kaisay ho sakta he Meeru, Wo malik hen ot hum nokar. Tu is chakar men na parr” The dialogue comments on the distinct and deeply rooted boundaries of the two classes which stands between the feelings of kindness and love.



On the other hand, Rameen remains miserable because of her abusive marriage, her foul husband continuously threatens her, while he is cheating on her. Which here sheds light on a broader issue of toxic masculinity and role of frustrated men in marriages. Rameen’s story is symbolic of this and many other regards. Where Rameen is facing threats as a heinous act of cruelty from her husband, Meeru’s parents are miserable because of the Tahawar’s death threats upon them because they refuse to give him Meeru as he is lusting on her. The scenes of them trying to flee the village are juxtaposed together and with the flashbacks, music and tones, it becomes chilling for the audience.


Wali finally stands up for his self in front of his father and says, “Sach ka raasta chun raha hun, dunya or akhrat men wohi loag kamyab hotay hen jo sach ka daman hath se nhin chortay” The episode reaches to its peak when Faiza burns Meeru’s arm as a punishment for a small mistake and it shows her hypocrisy and double standards.

Will Tahawar’s cruelty and Meeru’s love reach to a climax? We’ll have to watch the next episode to find out.



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