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Producer: Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions

Directed by: Syed Ahmed Kamran

Written by: Asma Nabeel


Drama serial Baandi just completed its 10 episodes on air and it has proven to be an entertaining and eye opening serial for all of us. Set in both rural and urban areas, drama serial Baandi revolves around the stories that comment and shed light upon the harsh nature and attitude of the society towards the lower class. It also highlights our slave culture and harsh customs that still exist amongst us. The main plot of the serial works towards raising these issues as well as laying the stories of the characters.



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How was the Episode? Feedback please 😊 #meeru #baandi

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From the very beginning, the episode takes a mellow start when the character of Muneeb Butt Wali is seen lost in his thoughts, contemplating for answers and he makes a sensible remark by saying, “Kuch sawalat hen jinkay jawabat mujhe dhundnay hen, or zaroor milen ge. Aaj se pehle mene dhundne ki koshish hi nhin ki” which expresses his determination and belief in himself with a pinch of regret.

The character of Aimen Khan, Meeru is falling in love with Wali, we are very excited about seeing their love blosson. Let’s see what this brings to the story and weather if it will lead to something or not. The next scene takes a sudden shift and the mood of the serial changes, as the next scene is of Rameen and her Husband. They have an abusive marriage, which raises an important question on our society.  We can see the impact of an abusive marriage on their daughter which is heartbreaking. The juxtaposition of both scenes reflects human emotions and actions perfectly. The light, music and camera angles in these scenes, add to the complexity of emotions and their portrayal.

We also see Bakhtu and Meeru’s misery in the city. Meeru is seen crying and sobbing over fate’s cruelty and injustice. Wali’s promise to teach Meeru brings a little ray of sunshine in her life and her respect and affection for him increases.



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The episode reaches to its peak when Bakhtu’s mother Zareena and her husband are found dead in the village killed by the feudal lords. The episode later reveals the heinous deeds and attitude of the villain character as he comes and threatens the miserable mourners. It is played by Yasir Hussain and hands down, the excellence of his acting remains unmatched in the whole serial.

Where will the wheel of fate take Meeru and Bakhtu? We can’t wait to find out.


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