Critic Rating

Written by: Asma Nabeel

Directed by: Syed Ahmad Kamran

Produced by: Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions

In today’s episode, the very first conversation of Meeru (Aiman Khan) with Wali (Muneeb Butt), after her arrival there, was a pleasing thing. The way he looks at her, it seems that he feels very deeply for her in the heart.

Conflicts are mounting for all the characters. The hot debate between Adil (Kamran Jillani) and others had a brilliant incorporation of the fear of Meeru. That fear was in the heart of Rameen (Hajra Yameen), too, rather with much more intensity.

It is very sorrowful to see that Faiza Begum (Hina Dilpazeer) and Tahawwar (Yasir Hussain) are the two sides of a single coin. Tahawwar is the metaphor of the ugly feudal system which is widely prevalent in interior Punjab and interior Sindh. There, the feudal lords are the owners of the life and property of the poverty-stricken and helpless villagers. Those destitute people are just on the mercy of that cruel feudal system. Refusing from anything before them by the poor is like inviting his/her death. Sakeena and Raju are to face the same adversity.

Tahawwar has got to know that Meeru is no more in the village. Moreover, Sakeena (Najma Kawish) and Raju (Azeem Sajjad) have also refused to take back the sum of one lac rupees given to him as the payback of debt. They know who is exploiting them but can’t tell his name.

Faiza Begum is such a sweet and loving person for Meeru before her guests. But as soon as they left, her real face came to surface to bring Meeru into her senses. In the scene when Meeru was weeping after being beaten by Faiza Begum, the big-sized photos of Faiza Begum, Shahnawaz (Noman Masood), and Wali were giving a realistic class difference.

In this episode, we saw certain praise-worthy dialogues like:

Bahudur tau nahi, par sachi zaroor hoon.

Kam us kam dost tau standard kay bana liya karo.

Is tarah sarkon par biwion ki izzat nahi uchaltay.

Yeh dawa lay lo, is say tumhara dard sahee ho jaye ga.

Ab gaoon ki aurtain mardon ki izzat uchalain gi.

Koi or kalak hay maa baap kay moohn pay potnay kay liye.

Videography, lighting, and décor were brilliant. The director, Syed Ahmad Kamran, has done an admirable work in bringing us such a good and reality-based tale. He is giving the message, in between the lines, that servants and maids are human beings. They, too, deserve care, kindness, and respect.

Meeru has to face much more from Faiza Begum yet, so as her parents from Tahawwar. Rameen is facing the cruelties of Adil so she must have sympathies for Meeru. Should we guess that the sword of divorce is hanging over the head of Rameen? Let’s see how much relief Meeru can have from the side of Wali and Rameen.


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