Critic Rating

Written by: Asma Nabeel

Directed by: Syed Ahmad Kamran

Produced by: Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions

Too many tragedies in the 6th episode. First of all, Faiza Begum (Hina Dilpazeer) made a deal for two years with the mother of Meeru (Najma Kawish) against a sum of two lac rupees. Now Meeru (Aiman Khan) is bound and can’t go back home for a long period to see her parents and village. She didn’t want to stay in the city but… she is helpless before the cruel financial oppression. On the other side, Rameen (Hajra Yameen) is also facing the same situation. One is a daughter of poor and the other is of rich but they are going through the similar cruelties concerned with money. Despite being from the opposite classes of the society, both Meeru and Rameen are on the same level.

The director and writer have presented a very impactful but painful comparison of rich and poor. Rameen is living a luxury life apparently but what is hidden behind, only she can feel.

Meeru was very upset while saying goodbye to her mother. The scenes were very touchy and tearful when the mother giver her dupatta to Meeru as a symbol of her, and then the time of departure. Those scenes rightly depicted the mother-daughter bondage as well as the height of emotions. Meeru is facing a great difficulty in bearing the pain of aloneness and separation of parents and home. Sitting on the floor of the garage and staring at the closed gate gloomily was very sweet of her but soon the sweetness converted into the bitterness of rebuke by Faiza Begum.

Faiza Begum is pretty rightly the metaphor of duality and hypocrisy who has concealed her unpleasant face behind the cover of piousness and softness. She gives the sermon to daughters for keeping the honor of the parents at any cost. It is because her own daughter has to bear all types of tortures for keeping her fake honor.

Raju (Azeem Sajjad) has returned the debt of Tahawwar (Yasir Hussain) from the advance money of the salary of Meeru. But this is not at all digestible for Tahawwar. Meeru’s honor is now safe at the place of Faiza Begum but her parents will have to suffer for a long time now.

Zooming the camera in and out during the scenes of Hawaili of Tahawwar and in the fields was good. The hairstyle and makeover of Meeru were a bit over. She must be simple and without a makeover, as she is a servant.

There was an encounter between Meeru and Wali (Muneeb Butt) in the last episode. Now she has come to his home as a servant. That coincident is a very stereotype and has been done in many stories earlier also. His sympathies for Meeru and seeing her from the window was sweet to watch. Let’s wait for some relief for her from the side of Wali in the next episodes.


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