Critic Rating

Written by: Asma Nabeel

Directed by: Syed Ahmad Kamran

Produced by: Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions

So, the conflicts have gone more intense and tough in the fourth episode of Baandi for all the characters. Tahawwar (Yasir Hussain) has gone so desperate and obsessed with the thoughts of Meeru (Aiman Khan) that has lost control over himself. Meeru is so immature and emotional that she is not at all ready to leave home without her parents. The step of suicide by Meera is not at all a solution to problems. She is facing the hardest conflict of her life which demands courage like of a tigress. The innocence of a little cat is of no use for her.

Raju (Azeem Sajjad) has got badly tangled in the shackles of the loan. Due to sheer poverty and no education, he is unable to solve his financial problems and his honor is on the stake.

Faiza Begum (Hina Dilpazeer) and Shahnawaz (Nauman Masood) have a great disgust for poor people though they have tasted poverty by themselves. Now Faiza Begum is going to join a TV show on the regular basis. Shahnawaz has a fear back of the mind that Faiza may leave her after becoming famous. This is because that he has a secret affair with his office secretary. Wali (Muneeb Butt) is a very ideal character. How a boy like him can be so sympathetic, and caring for the servants and middle-class people? Are not an ideal like him very far away from real life? He is really a one in millions.

The writer, Asma Nabeel is going great so far as the story is a multi-track one. However, all these tracks are leading toward a single point. Sexual harassment, evil eyes of village chiefs on the girls and women, oppression and cruelties of feudal lords over poor villagers are some of the harsh realities of life in Interior Sindh and interior Punjab also. Dialogues and counter dialogues between Faiza Begum and the mother of Farhan were brilliant.

During the four episodes of Baandi, the tempo has been very slow. After getting fully familiar with the characters and the setup of the story, the tale must move now at a fast pace. One thing was quite a miss in the fourth episode: no camera and studio setup was shown in the live TV show where Faiza Begum was a guest.

Seeing Azeem Sajjad after a long period of disappearance from TV screen is pleasing. He has been working as a hero in a few of dramas in PTV era.

As the promo of the next episode suggests, problems of Meeru are not going to end even after leaving the village. The city is quite a new place for the innocent and frightened Meeru and her parents. There comes the entry of Shahida (Kausar Siddiqui) to bring Meeru to Faiza Begum’s home. Let’s hope for a relief shortly coming to the way of both Meeru and Wali in the coming episodes.


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