Saqib Malik directed Baaji has concluded its opening Week with pretty decent numbers. The film got hit by big cricket games over the Weekend but the trending over the Weekdays was better. Starring Meera, Amna Ilyas, Ali Kazmi and Mohsin Abbas Haider, Baaji wrapped its first week at PKR 45 million.

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Baaji was the second film of the year by ARY Films after Mikaal Zulfiqar’s SherDil. SherDil’s opening day was around 25% more than Baaji’s first day but film got benefit of National Holiday on day two and saw phenomenal pick over the Weekend. SherDil had clocked opening weekend around PKR 41.5 million compared to PKR 28 million weekend of Baaji. But Baaji saw better trending on the weekdays.

Baaji saw a fall of under 50% on Monday compared to Friday whereas SherDil had seen a fall of around 60%. SherDil had fetched PKR 19 million on weekdays which was 30% of the whole week whereas Baaji’s weekdays contributed more than 35% to the whole first week. SherDil stands as a major grosser of the year with over PKR 120 million by the end of its run and if Baaji reaches that number by the end of its run then it will be a huge achievement as Baaji is not a commercial film like SherDil rather Baaji has a limited niche target audience.

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Below is week one daily boxoffice collections of Baaji with collections of SherDil in brackets.

Friday.. 9 million (11.5 million)
Saturday.. 9.5 million (17 million)
Sunday.. 9.5 million ( 13 million)
Monday.. 5 million (4.7 million)
Tuesday.. 4.2 million (5.5 million)
Wednesday.. 4 million (4.6 million)
Thursday.. 3.8 million (4.2 million)
Total.. 45 million (60.5 million)

Here Is How Much Baaji Collected On 2nd Friday In Pakistan.

SherDil-Mikaal Zulfiqar
SherDil-Mikaal Zulfiqar

There is a huge cricket game on 2nd Friday of Baaji and it will affect the numbers today but a big pick on Saturday can catch the second Weekend numbers of Sherdil as SherDil had collected around PKR 17 million in its second Weekend.


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