Baaji had its theatrical release last weekend and it opened to decent numbers at domestic market. Starring Meera, Amna Ilyas, Ali Kazmi and Mohsin Abbas Haider in lead, Baaji lost atleast 5+ million in its first Week due to on going Cricket World Cup.

Baaji Week One Boxoffice Collections Pakistan : Good

Baaji had raked in PKR 45 million in its opening Week at domestic market. This numbers would easily have gone over 50 million if there was no cricket world cup. There is a major competition from Spider-Man: Far From Home this Weekend and a big cricket match on second Friday but still film has retained good amount of shows in second Weekend.

Osman Khalid Butt & Meera

Spider-Man has never been a big brand in Pakistan but after the mega success of Endgame and Infinity War, there are massive expectations attached to the new installment. This competition might even prove healthy for Baaji but for that to materialize huge crowds will have to go to the cinemas during the Weekend for Spider-Man Far From Home so that Baaji can benefit from overflow at plexes.

Baaji Opening Weekend Boxoffice Collection Pakistan

All the films will be affected by cricket match on Friday but they can all cover grounds over the Weekend with hefty growth. Baaji will need big growths over the Weekend as it has already lost good sum in first week due to matches and film has long road ahead.

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