Monday Drama Reviews, 4th March 2019: Aatish Vs Dil Kya Kare Vs Bandish

Aatish (HUM Tv) MD Productions

The last episode of Aatish brought an end to this amazing drama and just like every other episode, the last one was well-made as well. Asma and Sameer try their best to get Zara to come out of the room she has locked herself into, but Zara refuses to stubbornly.

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Only after Shehryar breaks it down by force do they get into the room and find Zara has fainted. When they take her to the hospital, Zara turns out to be pregnant. Noreen’s son falls down from the stairs and has a horrible injury from which he dies, and this greatly affects her to the degree that she begs Asma to forgive them as this was all because of how they treated her.

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The drama ended with everyone reconciling with each other and Asma, Shehryar and their son living together happily with no animosity between them. The happy ending was executed very well and the actors as always did a brilliant job. We enjoyed this drama while it lasted and will definitely be sad to see it go!

Dil Kya Kare (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

Saadi and Arman still have a divide in between them after Saadi found out about Arman’s feelings for Aimen, but this episode both friends finally address it. At first Saadi refuses to even talk to Arman even though Arman had saved him from the land owners who had tried to beat Saadi up.

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Yet after some while Arman decides to be more confronting and talk to Saadi face-to-face. At first Saadi refuses to listen to reason but soon his love for Arman wins and the two friends go back to normal.

Yet Arman’s mother decides to intervene and instructs Saadi to go abroad with Aimen to help Saadi move on from her. This will have serious repercussions obviously since it appears next-to-impossible that Arman would ever stop loving Aimen.

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The pacing of the drama is pretty slow and  it takes several episodes for an event to unfold which is one of the qualities that set Dil Kia Karay back. Perhaps it is the way the story has been divided itself but we really wish the makers of the drama did not drag it out this much.

Bandish (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment

Madiha finds herself in the worst possible situation when she is unable to get the doll away from her. The doll starts to reappear no matter how many times Madiha throws it away, and soon she realizes that it is the reason why her daughters and others around them are being affected.

Izhar bhai’s son Hamza is still in the hospital after becoming caught up in Sumbul’s plans but finally recovers. Madiha however begs Izhar bhai to help her family but he comes to their house and discovers that Aleena is missing.

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Sumbul also warns Madiha to not take Izhar bhai’s help, so he only meets them outside the house. The disappearance of Aleena becomes a source of  concern for the family specially when Izhar bhai says she is still in the house itself.

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We have become obsessed with this drama and can’t wait for another week’s episode! It is a new and exciting topic, and executed brilliantly and we hope the drama doesn’t lose its pace or quality.


As we bid goodbye to Aatish, we have to give it the number 1 spot one last time! No other drama deserves this category as much as Aatish, which has made us cry with the characters themselves. Aatish will truly be missed on our Mondays, yet we are excited to see what comes next!

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