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Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame got hit by the month of Ramzan in its second week in Pakistan. The film was fetching strapping numbers in first Week. Second Week started on a sturdy note as film garnered very good numbers on second Weekend. Ramzan began on Tuesday and the film nosedived at the boxoffice.

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The film had already become the highest grossing Hollywood film in Pakistan before Ramzan. The film has brought in estimated PKR 47.5 million in second Week. Weekdays contributed mere 5 million approx during second Week.

Iron Man from Avengers Endgame

The films aggregate stands at an estimated PKR 277.5 million by the end of second week. Trending over the weekdays suggest that film will probably not hit 300 million mark by end of its run.

Below is the films estimated breakdown till now..

Week One.. 230 million

Week Two.. 47.5 million

Total.. 277.5 million

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The film would have become first 300 million grossing Hollywood film in Pakistan if it was not hit by Ramzan.


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