Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest film Avengers Endgame is gearing up for its anticipated release worldwide. The film has created immense hype around the globe and also has growing fandom in Pakistan. Seizing the opportunity, major multiples across Pakistan opened advance sales for the film.

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The film has registered remarkable advance sales so far, breaking the records of the biggest films here. Avengers Endgame advance ticket sales have just broken Bollywood Blockbuster Sanju’s advance record at one of the most prominent cinemas in Lahore i.e Universal Cinemas.

Universal Cinema, which is one of the major multiplex chains of Pakistan, opened its advance tickets for Avengers Endgame almost three weeks before its release on 26 April.

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The film by far is the biggest Hollywood film of the year and is much anticipated one. The film is expected to wreck a havoc at the Box Office and possibly register a grand opening at the box office.


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