One of Hollywood’s biggest films of the year, Avengers: Endgame is only 18 days away from its release and the film is already setting records in Pakistan. The film has sent fans into frenzy as they are rushing to book advance tickets.

Avengers the only hit movie of Marvel franchise in Pakistan

The highly anticipated film has sold over 2 million advance tickets here by now and at this pace it will be touching new heights pretty soon. The film is still 18 days away from its release and it has already registered the highest number of advance sales this year in Pakistan, by beating major films SherDil and Gully Boy.

Captain Marvel Weekend Box Office Collection: Decent!

Even though the film’s advance has only opened in limited places, Avengers 4 has still registered a remarkable response. Endgame has sold majority of the advance tickets in Atrium. Atrium is leading with a huge margin while Universal cinemas have also seen a very good advance sale.

Avengers: Endgame

The film is still 2 and a half weeks away and yet advance tickets are being rapidly sold out. Avengers: Endgame has hit Pakistan by storm and the film is surely looking to set a lot of new records.

However we are yet to see if the film manages to create any all time records in its advance ticket sales or not. This shall become clearer near the release of the film.

Long Runtime To Hurt Avengers Endgame At Boxoffice

Previously Hollywood’s Fast and Furious series held the record of selling the highest amount of advance tickets in Pakistan. It will be interesting to see if Endgame breaks those records or not. While both Avengers and Fast and Furious saw a good response in big cities, it is the smaller cities where Fast and furious tends to lead. Therefore it will be interesting to see if Captain Marvel will be able to beat Fast and Furious’s records in smaller cities or not.


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