Avengers Endgame is going to become the biggest film to come out in recent years. Endgame has garnered an outstanding advance sale which has never been registered before. Film’s advance sales are miles ahead of all the films which released in the last couple of years while there are still 10 days left in the release of this film.

Latest Trailer Of Endgame Is The Best Thing On Internet Right Now

The film’s advance is performing its best in Atrium Cinemas followed by Cinestar IMAX. Film’s advance at Atrium Cinemas is the second biggest advance sales registered for any film with 10 days still left for its release.

Endgame’s advance has yet to open at mass circuits and with 10 days left, its advance sales at major plexes alone has garnered over 1 crore. By the time this film releases, we can expect it to see new heights.

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Avengers: Endgame has also been allotted insane number of shows at major multiplexes. Nueplex Rashid Minhas has allocated 161 shows to the film for the Weekend. The way the film’s advance is rapidly growing, it is already a new record and now the film will certainly shatter all opening records.

With such an advance sale, the question that arises now is this, by what margin will Avengers: Endgame shatter the opening records?

Avengers Endgame To Beat Records Of Sultan In Pakistan.


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