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Avengers: Endgame has registered a stupendous performance in the metro cities Rwp/Isl. The film opened with a record pace in its opening Week. It also garnered a splendid response in its second Weekend. However, from its 2nd Monday, the film fell badly as Ramzan’s effect kicked in.

Avengers: Endgame All Pakistan Boxoffice Numbers.

The film has almost crashed from 2nd Monday in the twin cities. Ramzan began from Tuesday and numbers on Tuesday have gone down to very low levels. The film had collected PKR 44.8 million in Rwp/Isl till the closing of second Weekend. But 2nd Monday and Tuesday combined have managed a gross of mere PKR 0.65 million.

Situation is similar at all Pakistan level as film is now down to dull response due to the advent of Ramzan. Below is the approximate breakdown of the film in Rwp/Isl.

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Week One.. 36 million
2nd Friday.. 2.6 million
2nd Saturday.. 3.9 million
2nd Sunday.. 2.3 million
2nd Monday.. 0.4 million
2nd Tuesday.. 0.27 million
Total.. 45.47 million

The film will continue to stay low during Ramzan and will probably end its run under 50 million mark in Rwp/Isl.


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