Atif Aslam’s soulful voice has been winning our hearts over for years. Lately the musician has taken the role of the designated play back singer of Bollywood films. We have missed his albums and singles a lot lately. So we were very excited to find out that his new single is releasing.

The single has landed and this song is different than his romantic numbers in movies. The single brings out Atif’s punk rock side. His Youtube video has such a sweet description about the song

“Here is a song made purely out of my love for music. The same love that breathed life into my journey. The same love that resonates with all of you beautiful people. I took only that love when I entered sunset sound studio earlier this year and left everything else at the door.. I forgot about all the numbers and the views and all the pressure that comes with it…and just let it all out in the studio. If you can even feel 5% of what I felt while making this, it’s a success”

The video takes off  with fans chanting “Atif” as he gets ready to go on stage. The music video is an amalgamation of graphics, speedy visuals and footage of his concerts and recording of this song at ‘sunset sound studios’ in Los Angeles.  The vocals are very mellow where as the music is high pitched. The song is for those who love electrical guitars, drums all in all rock music. The video was released about five hours ago and already has 75 K plus views!

Have a listen here:


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