There is no doubt that Asim Azhar has rose to fame because of his beautiful vocals in a short span of time. The young musician has released his latest single “Jo tu na Mila” with EMI Records, an Indian recording company. This song has been breaking the internet! It has constantly been trending on number 1 on YouTube since its release and rightfully. It is a beautiful melody that manages to hit the right chords in our hearts!

The song is both sung and composed by the versatile singer while the music video is directed bu Yaasir Jaswal. Besides Asim, we see the stunning Iqra Aziz and Waleed Khan.

The budding singer is gaining attention from across the border. Karan Johar recently tweeted about Asim Azhar’s single, stating that he was impressed. He termed it a beautiful song.



The lyrics narrate the story of a broken heart. The song takes you through the hearth-broken protagonist’s  denial and lack of acceptability of the fact that the love of her live has moved on. He follows her around in an intense ballad. The lyrics of the song are written by Kunaal Vermaa. The song manages to make many very emotional.



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