12th March Tuesday 2019 dramas: Do Bol Vs Kam Zarf VS Meray Humdum

After Beti, we now have Do Bol for Tuesdays which stars excellent actors Hira Mani and Affan Waheed. With double episodes airing every week, Do Bol has certainly become a tough contender for Kam Zarf and Meray Humdam in a very short time. Read on to know more about what happened this week in these dramas!

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Kam Zarf (GEO) Mastermind Productions

While Azar’s attitude might have melted away and he has started treating Fozia with love, that doesn’t mean Aima is happy in this situation! This episode was the few in which our favorite leading characters actually have something good going for them.

Azar and Fozia are finally a normal couple who love each other, and Asim and Faria get engaged after Asim manages to work hard to get his family on his side. Mona did not get much screen time in this episode but we are still in anticipation about how her track progresses.

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But perhaps the major shift is Aima and her attitude this entire episode. We discover the reason for Aima’s erratic behavior and it is because she has been so used to being controlling and the center of attention that now that her younger brothers are finding other women in their lives, Aima is taken over by jealousy.

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She also begins to feel despondent at her own loneliness. This development in Aima was a smart move by the drama’s makers since it gives Aima some depth and dimension and even though she still remains the villain, Aima still becomes sympathetic. 

Mere Humdum (HUM Tv) MD Productions

Paras goes through with her threat when she shows up outside Haris’ house with the intention of confessing everything to Haris’ family. However, as always, Osama is there to cover up the mistakes of Haris and gives Paras a long lecture on how she should forget the man who doesn’t even care about her.

This showed that Osama knows how wrong Haris is and the only reason he is protecting him is for the sake of their friendship. But when Haris finds out that Paras is getting over him and moving on, he rushes to her to see if it’s true.

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Haris definitely has a narcissistic attitude and we’re glad Paras decided to move on instead of being stuck on him forever. But Warda’s suspicions escalate when she checks his phone, and realizes something fishy is up.

Overall, this episode reiterated that Osama is perhaps the most selfless person in the drama and we hope he stops covering up Haris’ flaws. Syed Jibran plays Osama pretty well with a great range of acting opposite the beautiful Sarah Khan, and we’re glad to say this cast has made Meray Humdam a worthwhile watch!

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Do Bol (ARY) Six Sigma Plus and Next Level Entertainment

Our new contender, Do Bol, has already exceeded all expectations from the get-go! Having only started last week with double episodes every Tuesday, Do Bol is already generating excitement everywhere.

This second week, Geeti and her family’s dynamics are revealed even more. Iqbal finalizes marrying Geeti to Zafar, but Firdous does not accept this decision and does her absolute best to prevent this from happening even though her own son is more than willing but his intentions are out of despise rather than love.

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Geeti and Sameer continue to meet in secret and express their love for each other, but Geeti gets found out by Munawwar who reveals everything to Iqbal. Meanwhile, Badar does his best to express his love to Geeti but Geeti flatly refuses and tells him to stay away from her, even though Badar helps her when Zafar is misbehaving with her.

The episode ends when Sameer, attempting to prevent Geeti and Zafar’s marriage, goes to Geeti’s house to meet with Iqbal. We find out more about Geeti’s mother as well, who had left Iqbal after two years of marriage and the reason Iqbal and Geeti have such a severed relationship is due to how much Geeti resembles her mother. This latter fact is used by many people against Geeti and we hope to find out more about Geeti’s mother later on.

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For now, Do Bol has already piqued our interests and it is specially endearing since despite so many characters, each and every one is distinct and individual in their own right. None of the characters are written flatly and we actually like even the supposed villains such as Firdous. While surprising, it is no shock that this stellar cast has made Do Bol a raging success already!

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From its very inception, Do Bol has become a winner of this day as well as our hearts! It is very well written and charming in a distinct manner, and Geeti’s lead character is so unique as well. Do watch this drama because you’ll be missing out on a wonderful experience otherwise!

Kam Zarf and Meray Humdam also did really well this week and outdid expectations and we can’t wait to see more of their episodes next week!

What did you think of these dramas? Let me know in the comments!

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