With the immense success of Ishq Tamasha, Arham and Rushna are once again pairing up for an upcoming drama serial on Hum Tv and people are most excited! This adorable pair has become a favorite of many!



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Surprisingly, people have fallen in love with the duo even though the couple did not get to romance on screen. As Arham’s character dies midway in the drama, the popular pair only shared a bond through telephonic conversation and never really united. However, that is soon to change! With their upcoming serial, Tu Ishq hai, the actors tell us that they will share the screen and we will get to see their on-screen chemistry.



In a conversation, with Faizan Khawaja (Arham) and Kinza Hashmi (Rushna), they told us that they are very excited for this project!

Kinza Hashmi told us that “Rushna” has been her favorite character to play and that “Ishq Tamasha” holds a special place in her heart! She further added, that it was difficult playing the character of Rushna as Rushna’s personality is quite different from her own personality. Nevertheless, she enjoyed playing the role of Rushna and claims that Ishq Tamasha has been the best play of her life.



She also said, that people have loved the pair of Arham and Rushna so much that they seem to have forgotten their real names and instead just call them Arham and Rushna, where ever they see them on social media.

Faizan Khawaja told Epk, that this project is going to be even better than Ishq Tamasha. He said, that people really wanted to see Arham and Rushna together and since that didn’t happen in Ishq Tamasha, Tu Ishq hai, will take care of that! Their pairing in this drama has been coincidental as confirmed by both Faizan Khawaja and Kinza Hashmi.


Watch the two talk about Tu Ishq hai here:


The duo is immensely thankful to their fans for their utmost love and urges them to keep a watch out for “Tu ishq hai” on Hum Tv!




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