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DC franchise, Aquaman hit the theaters this Friday and there is generally a consensus among people that it is the best DC film after the series of Dark knight. The film has gorgeous cinematography. The visual effects are breathtaking. The movie is an eye candy throughout. The film which has been shot under water, unfolds alluring scenes and gives us a visually rich experience! The ambitious film has a huge scale involved.

James Wan helmed this film. The film is entertaining, well directed and encompasses brilliant acting. Aquaman was a character we all overlooked among the DC family. The film has granted him prominence and may now garner the character more attention. In addition, Jason Momoa has done justice to the otherwise neglected character of Aquaman.

The film stars Jason Momoa as the Aquaman, Amber Heard as Mera and Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Aquaman’s mother. While Jason Momoas has given a very good performance, Nicole Kidman also managed to overshadow all characters with her strong screen presence. The graceful actress had a small role and yet she was able to capture our attention. Amber Heard looked stunning and her performance was also on par.

The film is melodramatic while it also encompasses rollicking action and mesmerizing musical numbers. The action sequences are great. The film was good enough to be a Marvel movie in terms of graphics. Overall it is an entertaining ride however the storyline is typical. It reminds us of Thor, Black panther and Star Trek. This film revolves around the battle for being the rightful king while Aquaman battles his own brother for the throne.

In comparison with other DC films, this film definitely surpasses Wonder women and Suicide Squad in terms of popularity and potentially the business it is likely to do.


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