Disney movies releasing in 2019

After the temporary ban on Indian content, cinemas have seen a huge drop in footfalls. The situation worsened when Disney’s Captain Marvel couldn’t release in Pakistan either. Hence for the first time in recent years, no new film released at cinemas for four Weeks in a row.

Wow: Disney Going Big In 2019

This Friday has seen the release of three films i.e. SherDil, Laal Kabootar and Us. SherDil has taken a good start at the boxoffice which has given a good push to footfalls at cinemas. But the most important thing for the survival of the cinema industry is continuous release flow.

Did You Know: Here Is Hwy Captain Marvel Hasn’t Released In Pakistan.

Disney’s Dumbo will be hitting screens worldwide on 29th March and as per latest, the film won’t be able to release in Pakistan next Friday. Previously Disney’s Captain Marvel failed to release earlier this month and now Disney’s Dumbo is looking to meet the same fate.

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This will be the second Disney film in a row which will not release nor have a late release in Pakistan. This also puts the release of the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame in jeopardy in Pakistan. Some serious questions are being raised about Endgame which will release on 26th April worldwide.


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