The very engaging trailer of an upcoming film Anna dropped yesterday and people are calling it a female version of John Wicks. The girl shares his aptitude for killing off the people who piss her off. Anna comes from the makes of Scarlett Johansson starrer “Lucy.”

Very much like Lucy, Anna is a vicious character who posses indelible strength and skill, however Lucy was no fighter initially till circumstances make her a demi god. In contrast, Anna is a fighter who reminds us of Charlie’s angels.

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Anna’s journey will make her world’s most feared government assassins. The French crime action thriller stars Sasha Luss, Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, and Cillian Murphy.

It has been very well helmed by Luc Besson. We instantly fall in love with the fight sequence in the trailer where Anna displays her breathtaking skills. The fight sequence is so well shot that it becomes the highlight of the trailer.

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The visuals of the film are generally alluring and overall the film seems like a treat for those with a taste for action. The film embeds suspense, wit, romance and action, all of which definitely entice us and make us want to see this film.

Watch the trailer here:


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