A film is a product of the hard work of the entire team which includes directors, actors, producers and whole crew behind the camera. But once the film is done with post production and is ready to hot the screens, it is the distributor who sells it.

This year’s biggest opener so far is SherDil. Film had practically zero buzz couple of months before the release of the film. But then ARY Films came on board and they completely changed the whole scenario for the film.

Laal Kabootar Latest Boxoffice Numbers.

ARY Films did promotions of SherDil very intelligently. They took full advantage of the current Pak-Ind tension and cashed in on the patriotic angle of the film. Various ads featuring Mikaal flying jets were played frequently on television. This was the most effective way of promoting the film.

We could see the results of these promotions at ticket window via advance sales. Film had pretty good advance bookings at major plexes. Film which had very low buzz two months prior to the release at last opened very strongly at boxoffice, and the credit lies with ARY Films. Film opened at such a strong note that it overtook an established film like Gully Boy and became biggest opener of 2019.

SherDil Movie Review.

ARY Films not only promoted film intelligently rather they distributed the film very cleverly too. They didn’t go for massive number of shows rather they went for a decent number of shows giving very good screen space to Laal Kabootar.

They knew SherDil is not a type of film which can open to 70-80% occupancy at 500+ shows but they knew if they keep the show count around 300 then they can get 70+% opening occupancy. This distribution strategy worked in a wonderful way as film got a big 50+% opening and established the faith of exhibitors in the product. Opening was almost over 75+% in Rwp/Isl on day one.

ARY Films even tackled the negative reviews of the film in a clever manner. Film had seen negative reviews by critics even before the release. But ARY kept promoting film on patriotic lines on social media and television which kept the ticket windows busy for their film.

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Film has already collected over 6.5 crores approx till now and it will surely go over 10 crores mark becoming highest grossing film of 2019.

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