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Sunday Drama Reviews: Romeo Weds Heer Vs Anaa

Romeo Weds Heer (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

With majority of the attraction of the drama being Romeo and Heer’s wedding, it seems the makers are going to extend the story further into how the marriage itself turns out. The episode followed Romeo and Heer to their honeymoon as both of their families once more follow them close behind and interfere in every little part of their lives.

Romeo Weds Heer
Romeo Weds Heer

It appears the two simply can’t catch a break as Romeo gets sick on the honeymoon and Heer’s family is stranded with no place to stay and will obviously seek out the two and annoy them even further! While the wedding scenes had been tedious and stretched out, the after-marriage arc of Romeo and Heer is very much similar to the beginning of the drama when the humor was actually likeable.

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However, once again it lacks some sort of direction or structure for the plot itself and the writer is just pushing the story along through random events. We’re glad the jokes are improving but the story should follow along as well!

Anaa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

After the disastrous events of Areesh and Aania’s wedding, Aania refuses to leave Areesh despite Altamash telling her he would support her no matter what. Areesh is obviously still hung up on Daneen but on the wedding night he has a long revealing conversation with Aania in which his confused feelings are revealed.

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Aania has become my favorite character so far and her dialogues in this entire episode were just wonderful! She has become the unintended victim of every single character’s actions yet still manages to maintain a good heart. Altamash and Izza get closer and spend more time together even though Izza still maintains the same argumentative nature. The two actors that play them, Naimal Khawar and Usman Mukhtar, have great chemistry and even better acting skills with which they have moulded their characters to be so memorable.


Daneen also starts to realize her choice in marrying Saif was not so bad after all as Saif begins to show signs of affection towards her. However, Nazia begins to slowly manipulate Daneen; Nazia also starts to show discontentment with her current lifestyle as she criticizes her husband’s appearance and all this hints that Nazia is going to become the villain in everybody’s lives.

Regardless, the favorite characters until now are definitely Aania, Izza and Altamash since they have actual redemptive characters. The soundtrack in this episode was a bit questionable as it played in moments which did not suit the mood at all or otherwise interrupted the flow of the story. This could definitely use some improvement but otherwise the direction and the acting has been superb for now.

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With some hope for improvement in the quality of jokes in this episode, Romeo Weds Heer has been doing well! Anaa is definitely too serious in comparison to Romeo Weds Heer and if your taste is more towards the serious family drama then Anaa is a far better alternative to Romeo Weds Heer. Anaa tops on Sundays as per EPk’s experts.

We can’t wait to see how both these dramas pan out in the future and where the characters are taken!

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