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Anaa came to a conclusion, one that was sensible,satisfying and somewhat anticipated. Even so,the last episode did keep us on our toes as it tied up all lose ends. Anaa proved to an engaging modern day love story running parallel with deep rooted family conflict grounded in egos of the family adults that affect lives of their children gravely. With its twists and turns the drama came to a happy ending.

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The last episode of Anaa in particular stood out in terms the narrative and the way it was executed. Though we anticipated how it will end , there were moments which made us doubt otherwise. The episode once again maintained great pacing and was engaging. Special mention to Sameera Fazal for writing a beautiful story and Shehzad Kashmiri for translating this story on screen and his vision so well.

The episode had some very impactful scenes like the one between Areesh and Nashwa. It was the first time we saw Nashwa to be truly sincere and Javeria Kamran owned that scene. Besides this the one between Altamash and Nazia was fun to watch. Nazia  finally managed to do something right by intelligently scolding Altamash and making him see the error in his ways all the while convincing him to go back to Izza. The most adorable scene were those between Izza and Altamash towards the end of the episode.

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The episode had some powerful performances by the cast including Usman Mukhtar, Shamil Khan, Hania Amir, Areeba Shahood, Naimal Khawar and Javeria Kamran.

One of the reasons Anaa had us hooked throughout was the fact that it refrained from exaggeration and maintained sensible story telling throughout. The growth and transitions in characters like Daneen, Areesh,Nashwa and Ghazanfar was admirable as well. The drama surely had something different to offer and it will surely be missed. Anaa has introduced many new faces and we hope to see them in more projects soon.

What are your thoughts on the last episode of Anaa?

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