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This week’s episode progressed the narrative forward with some interesting revelation, alliances, warning signs and indications of some possible unions. One thing that makes Anaa beautiful is its serene locations, be it Shamsheer Nagar or Sherghar the back drop is breath taking. The episodes are engaging and visually stunning. The dialogues though simple, serve their purpose well. The way all the characters have been given footage in the drama keeps the narrative balanced and crisp.

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Daneen doesn’t seem to be catching a break. Something or the other keeps going wrong and it seems that she is sinking deeper into the mess. With Altamash, Izza and Anya on board lets hope it works in her favor.

The drama has maintained a more realistic approach towards the conflicts being faced by characters in a sense that Areesh is seen conflicted between Anya and Daneen. Daneen is the love of his life, but Anya is his wife someone he has grown fond of over time and feels a sense a responsibility towards. Daneen’s father’s reaction towards her actions is also somewhat understandable.

While the drama maintains a good pace and offers engaging content there are some matters that do not seem to be progressing at all. Izza and Altamash don’t seem to be getting anywhere in their relationship. Neither one of them is confessing their love for the other and their matter is pretty much up in the air.

Anya and Daneen’s exchange in this episode was interesting. Daneen comes off as the villain / home wrecker who should learn to compromise with the circumstances and leave Areesh. However she feels entitled to his love. With her passport torn, it seems highly unlikely that she will make it out of the country. With Ghanzanfar and Saif joining forces she will be in more danger than before. Nashwa has come out as an impressive villain as well. She is spiteful and envious of her brother, her presence in the drama keeps things interesting.

Anaa has a wide array of characters with various character traits which makes the drama more appealing. While some characters are predictable some take us by surprise.

Over the course of few episode, we have grown fond of Anya who is surprisingly shown to be more accepting to her husband’s affair. Her calm, composure and dedication to Areesh is heartening. Areeba Shahood has done an impressive job playing Anya. However it seems that there is more to her than meets the eye with Anya. Lets see if our suspicions are correct or not. Only time will tell.

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What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?

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