With 10 Episodes in, Anaa has become a good watch with some light and some emotional moments. Islamabad serves as a beautiful backdrop for the serial.

Altamash & Izzah’s Chemistry Makes Anaa A Must Watch!

In the latest episode, Daneen is struggling to make peace with the fact that Saif is her husband, however Saif isn’t making it any easier. He is a difficult man and his deceased wife often gets dragged in the middle.

Hania Amir as Daneen

Areesh on the other hand, is punishing Anya by being rude to her. He is not even willing to try. Instead he tries to talk to Daneen, who completely shuts him down and advises him to move on.

Altamash having realized that marrying his sister to Areesh was a bad idea, is now on his case to make sure his sister is happy. Areesh takes offense of this as well and blames it all on Anya.

While Daneen and Areesh are miserable, it is Altamash and Izza who make us want to watch this serial. While there is a spark between the two, Izza is hell bent on ignoring it. Altamash on the other hand is not ready to give up.

Naimal Khawar as Izzah

Although not much happened in this episode, the story had its charm and the pace of the drama is being well maintained. The only off putting thing about the whole serial is its OST that does not quite gel in with the scenes. Where ever it is played in the background, it makes the whole thing cringe worthy, and the drama could really do better without it.

Although Altamash has not expressed his feelings to Izza, it is very evident what he desires. Areesh’s family wants Altamash to marry their daughter, however Altamash is not interested. This will be the next conflict and it seems that Daneen will some how get caught in the middle.

Usman Mukhtar and Naimal Khawar
Usman Mukhtar and Naimal Khawar

Izza’s father having found out about her contact with Altamash, condemns it and advises her to discontinue. She obliges and Altamash is left angry and confused about what happened.

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Altamash was the highlight of the entire episode, may it be as a brother or as some one completely in love with Izza. The chemistry between the two will assure that they do not part ways, and it seems something major will happen in this context in the next episode.

What did you think of the episode?

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