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The latest episode of Anaa had us on the edge of our seat with one surprise after the other. It had us worried for Izza & Altamash ‘s relationship, as well as Anya and Areesh. Surprisingly Daneen is the only one not in any imminent danger.

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Anaa has many new comers and all of them have performed well. Naimal Khawar as Izza has had our hearts since day one. While Areeba Shahood had already impresssed us with her performance as Anya, Javeria Kamran as Nashwa has done her role exceedingly well in the previous few episodes as the antagonist. Nashwa has proven to be a full fledge negative character of the drama. We didn’t expect her to do something so drastic and hateful yet she did.

Director Shahzad Kashmiri has kept the plot crisp with well paced episodes. The episodes are spread out in a way that it includes all character well enough. There have been some new developments in the story making us wonder what is next?

Just when we thought the drama was tying lose ends,once again there is uncertainty. We just hope with the latest developments in the plot we are not in for a heartbreak. Written by Samira Fazal, this episode had a good pace as we had many surprises. With the good pacing, Samira Fazal has kept the dialogues simple and basic.

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Shahzad Kashmiri has done a very good job with the direction as every character is given a good amount of screen space and a balance has been kept. Overall it was a really strong episode with good script and excellent performances.

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