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Last night’s episode of Anaa continued to build up on the events of the previous two week. With Areesh and Daneen disappearing act, the families aren’t taking matters lightly. Anya continues to support Areesh and Altamash has given up as well. Izza and Altamash are no where near admitting their love for each other and now we wonder if they ever will.

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The drama has managed to weave an interesting story that makes us come back every week. The love stories are very complex and none of the protagonists have gotten what they desire. Though Areesh and Daneen are together, Anya continues to be a topic of discussion. It seems that they might not even be able to see this through because of the hurdles in their way.

All the matters are pretty much up in the air at the moment and the uncertainty should now be reduced. The drama should start moving towards some resolve, instead of escalating the issues further. It is rather not clear why Izza keeps rejecting Altamash except that he is very different from her.

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Anaa has managed to create different character with varying character traits. Izza so far is a very positive character of the drama. She sees things through and knows how to differentiate between right and wrong. She defies her mother on her wrong decisions and holds her own as well. Altamash is also a positive character however Izza comes off a strong character.

Even though the drama has managed to maintained good pace in every individual episode, on the whole some solutions should start surfacing in the narrative. The drama without doubt is visually beautiful due the outdoor scenes with the hills in the back drop. The director has shot the episodes beautifully. We look forward to see how matters wrap up in the drama.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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